Grow your megacorp. Influence media. Warp culture. Start riots. Spread fake news. Topple governments. Become immortal.  

Available on Steam and itch.io now!

A cyberpunk business sim where power and wealth are the first steps to immortality. 


“It’s a delicious premise and executed well […] It’s weirdly intoxicating, and I love how being evil is intrinsically linked to the game’s systems.”
PC Gamer


“It’s an intriguing premise, especially when you keep reading and see the depths of bastardry you can get up to.”
Rock Paper Shotgun


The game was funded by a successful Kickstarter and a grant from the Austrian government.



Rig elections, assassinate politicians and launch military coups!


Achieve immortality by growing new bodies from scratch, then transferring your mind!


Research awful products, then market them so they’re irresistible!


Meet, obey and even blackmail the board of directors!


Research technologies such as Autoshopper, Metafriendship and Sentient Profile!


Monetise the final frontier: transform the moon into an advertising billboard, independent nation or devastating offensive laser!


Pursue insidious agendas and dominate the globe!



Game design by James Patton. Music by Anthony Kroytor.

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