Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management game where you run a global megacorporation. Corrupt politics. Warp culture. Become immortal.

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Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management game where you run a giant, evil megacorporation. Players take on the role of the CEO of a global company in an unsettling cyberpunk near-future.

The game was funded by a successful Kickstarter, and I’m working hard to get it finished. Right now it has a tentative release date of Q3 2018.

Market and launch devious products!

Rig elections, assassinate politicians and impose martial law!


Research technologies such as Autoshopper, Metafriendship and Sentient Profile!


Decide the fate of your company


Pursue powerful, insidious agendas.


Dominate the globe!



Game design by James Patton. Music by Anthony Kroytor.

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