Soundtrack and Behind the Scenes Extras Now Available

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to tell you I’ve just released a “Soundtrack and behind the scenes” pack for Spinnortality! It has:

  • The Spinnortality soundtrack, remixed a little by the composer.
  • Scans of my handwritten notes while making the game, from its initial conception (and list of potential names) to marketing and final tweaks.
  • “But what does it mean?: inspirations and motivations behind Spinnortality”, a short document explaining the game’s inspirations, and its theoretical underpinnings.
Mmm, look at that dangerously spidery handwriting.

You can get it on Steam or itch.io.

Spinnortality is OUT NOW!

Hi newsletter followers!

Spinnortality, that cyberpunk management sim I’ve been bleating on about for ages, is out now!

You can buy it from Steam or from itch.io, for £9.99 / €9.99 / £9.99. You can also watch the new launch trailer or a 10 minute gameplay video.

What’s this about, again?

Found a company, spread fake news, start riots and become immortal. In this cyberpunk management sim, wealth is power and corporations are king. Can you monopolize the globe and build a corporate empire that will stand forever?


“I urge you to wishlist and buy it. One-person dev team, labour of love project, tiny budget, really compelling game.”
Alexis Kennedy, lead developer Cultist Simulator & Sunless Sea.
I hope you enjoy it! Also, since I’m a tiny developer any help you can do getting the word out would be amazing: tweeting, posting on social media, that sort of thing. No pressure though, I know we all have busy lives and are all a little freaked out by social media. 😉


Spinnortality is launching February 1st

The title kind of gives it away, but it’s worth repeating:

After 3 years of development, my weird hobby project that turned into a Kickstarter is

launching on February 1st!

Look, I have a shiny new announcement trailer:


You can go here to learn more, or go to the Steam page to wishlist the game!

If you’re a streamer, journalist, podcaster or some other kind of influencer, feel free to get in touch!


So, what now?

Well, most of my time between now and release will be spent doing PR, final balancing/tweaks and finalising the German version. (Yes, it’ll be in German too!)

If you love the game and want to help out, tweeting or posting to social media about it is a really great way to help at this stage. 🙂 No pressure though!

See you on the other side! :O

New update: The Paths to Victory are Paved with Interns’ Skulls

Hi all!

I don’t want to spam you too much, but remember that cyberpunk management game, Spinnortality?

Well, it’s still in the works and you can read how it’s doing here! That link will take you to the latest dev blog post.

I will not, however, copy-paste the entire post into this update, because that would be mean, and many people will not want that.

But if you are still interested in this game, and want to know when it launches, it has a handy Steam page where you can wishlist it. It would be super helpful if people wishlisted, because the more people buy the game (and leave a positive review) on day one, the better a game will do on Steam over time. It’s the algorithm, see.

If you’re still on the fence, have a lovely gif:

Beware your conscience; obey the Board

Hello Spinnortality followers!

This is a quick note to let you know what I’ve been up to for the last two months!

(Psst! You can also wishlist the game here to get a nice, helpful reminder when it’s out! 😀 )

Ethics and Consequences

A lot of people have pointed out that, without the voices of victims, Spinnortality would just be a fun “let’s screw up the world” simulator. I’d like it to be a bit more than that, and hopefully comment on some real-world problems, so I’ve added more emails from people whose lives you’ve ruined, as well as two new characters you can connect with and, possibly, disappoint. (For anyone who played the prototype, think more Journalist characters.)

Enter the Board

The Board have appeared a little bit in previous builds, but only as distant mission-givers. Now, though, you need to stay on task, stay in the black and stay on the public’s good side, or the Board will kick you out.

Those are the basics, but if you like the sound of that, you can read more in the latest Kickstarter update. I’d tell you more here, but I don’t want to spam you 🙂


Hello newsletter people! Just wanted to let you know there’s a small update on my Spinnortality progress.

The quick version:

  • There’s now a Spinnortality Steam page! I’d be delighted if you put it on your wishlist.
  • The moon is coming along nicely.
  • I had to spend a lot of this month taking advantage of funding opportunities that were too good to pass up, but the game is still on track.

Thank you for your attention!

Dev update: Agendas, and bodies in vats

Hey all!

Spinnortality’s coming along well and I thought you might like a quick update! This is where I’m at right now.

And apologies to anyone who Kickstarted the game – this is a duplicate of the KS update you just got.

The quick version:

Basically I added a “grow bodies to transfer your mind into” interface, changed up the agenda interface and added some new interface features to make the moment-to-moment busywork less busy. I’ve also tweaked some algorithms to make the game harder in the mid-game.

Game features:

  • completely reworked agenda system and interface. Missions have been moved into a new window until I figure out what to do with them.
  • new feature: you can no longer just click to transfer your mind to a new body. Instead you gain access to the biolab, a place to grow artificial bodies which you can then transfer your mind into. (See pic above)
  • there’s now an agenda for turning any nation into a corpornation without destroying it first. Should help with late-game drag.

User Interface:

  • there’s now a clickable nation menu (top right of screen, see above); can be ordered by culture values
  • there’s a product readout (top left, see above) which tells you how successful your product launches are at a glance
  • there are now clicky interface sounds! Thank you Anthonyyyyy. (Anthony is my music guy who also made the clicky sounds.)
  • emails now have back/next buttons
  • volume controls are back (options menu)
  • added markers to culture sliders for readability
  • you can now skip the current part of the tutorial, or disable the tutorial completely
  • game now asks if you’re SURE you want to relaunch an already-successful product. This is to help players who don’t understand that products don’t need to be constantly relaunched.

Game tweaks: 

  • espionage is now cheaper and faster, which should make it more appealing. “Incite riots” (the black op for destabilising nations) now pushes a nation towards chaos more quickly. Nations near chaos may fire a random event allowing you to push them further into chaos.
  • expensive projects don’t make so much money, now. Some random events have been put in place that make things harder if the game’s too easy. This should nerf players who do so well at the start of the game that it’s a cakewalk financially.
  • shortened the opening tutorial so players get into the game faster.

Kickstarter: final 72 hours!

Hey lovely followers! Just a quick reminder that the Spinnortality Kickstarter will finish in just under 72 hours! If you didn’t want to pledge until later, now’s the perfect time to do that.

The campaign’s been very successful and we’re now at 112% of our goal – in other words, I get to do this full time and focus on making the game as great as it can be! But you might want to back for other reasons:

  • Rewards: maybe you want to get access to beta builds? Or name a rival corporation? Or, if you have tons of money, help me write some random events? These things are all available!
  • Stretch goals: As of writing, we’re at €11,286. If we make it to €12,000 then I’ll add a system where players can colonise the moon, choosing to turn it into a theme park or a giant billboard or, if you’re old-fashioned, just a good ol’ Death Star.

Here’s that Kickstarter link again.

There’s no pressure, of course – the campaign’s already funded – but I thought you guys might like to know this stuff 🙂


Spinnortality is now live on Kickstarter!

Hello all!

The Spinnortality Kickstarter is now live, and I would really appreciate your help!

If you’re thinking, “Which game was this again? Why did I follow this?”, let me fill you in:

Spinnortality is a tongue-in-cheek (but unsettling) game about an ominous cyberpunk future controlled by megacorporations. You run one of those giant, evil companies, so it’s your job to research horrible products, then convince the whole world that they’re awesome so you can turn a profit.

It gets more complicated from there, of course: you’ll control media outlets, change the culture of entire nations, start riots, bring down governments, remake the world and become immortal through weird cybertech.

If you like cyberpunk you’ll like this, I think: most games focus on the small-fry, not the corporations themselves. If you’re worried about the power of big companies in the real world, you’ll also like this: a lot of the mechanics were inspired by real-world scandals, events or corporate powers. And you’ll like this if you enjoy being the villain.

I would really appreciate any help you can offer. If that’s a pledge, great, thank you so much! And if you can’t pledge – or if you can, but you really love this project – I could really use the social media exposure.

A short message along the lines of “This is a great game, if you like cyberpunk you should back it” plus the link would be amazing, but I know it can be awkward and intimidating posting those kinds of things on social media. So I’ve made some tongue-in-cheek marketing images that you guys can post on social media if you’d like to help spread the word but aren’t sure what to say. Just please make sure you include the link to the kickstarter!: http://thndr.me/mtXXK7

Here’s that link again: http://thndr.me/mtXXK7

Wish me luck, and thank you for following me this far!