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Hi! This is the press kit for Spinnortality.




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Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management sim where the ultimate goal is immortality. In a future dystopia where corporations are king, you will build your technocratic power to create an empire that will last forever. Control the media, manipulate social norms, cause riots, crash stock markets, topple governments.

  • Achieve immortality with cutting edge tech.
  • Bribe politicians, spread fake news and rig elections.
  • Build products such as metacritic for friendships, designer organs and an ‘auto-career’ service.
  • Crash stock markets, trigger riots or topple governments.
  • Pursue world-shaping agendas.
  • Exploit specific cultures with targeted marketing.
  • Use media control to warp culture or run PR campaigns.


Press coverage

“It’s a delicious premise and executed well […] It’s a remarkably deep simulation, with more layers of strategy emerging as your company grows.”

– Andy Kelly, PC Gamer

“Turns out it’s pretty cool being the evil CEO of a worldwide conglomerate. […] It’s a harrowing tale of the reach corporations could (or do) have in reality.”

– Marcello Perricone, Strategy Gamer

“It’s a highly addictive game with stylish visuals, a well designed UI and deep strategic gameplay […] Highly recommended.”

– Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer






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Twitter: @james_d_patton



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