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Hi! This is the press kit for Spinnortality.

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Spinnortality is a cyberpunk strategy game where you run a giant, insidious megacorporation. Influence the media, manipulate politics, achieve immortality and take over the world!

• Build products such as metacritic for friendships, artificial organs and an ‘auto-career’ service.
• Tweak your marketing campaigns to target specific cultures.
• Buy up media outlets to manipulate social norms.
• Bribe politicians to influence national laws.
• Manage black ops to rig elections, crash stock markets or trigger riots.
• Keep public relations under control by donating to charities.
• Pursue world-changing agendas.
• Become immortal.


Press coverage

“It’s a delicious premise and executed well […] It’s a remarkably deep simulation, with more layers of strategy emerging as your company grows.”

– Andy Kelly, PC Gamer

“Turns out it’s pretty cool being the evil CEO of a worldwide conglomerate. […] It’s a harrowing tale of the reach corporations could (or do) have in reality.”

– Marcello Perricone, Strategy Gamer

“It’s a highly addictive game with stylish visuals, a well designed UI and deep strategic gameplay […] Highly recommended.”

– Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer







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