Spinnortality.com is shutting down!

TLDR: Spinnortality.com (which I’m using to send you this email) is shutting down, so you’ll no longer get updates about what my studio is up to. If you’d like to to still get those updates, just sign up to our current newsletter here.

Why is the site shutting down?

Spinnortality came out a few years ago, so this landing page doesn’t see much traffic. In the last few years I’ve only really used it to keep you folks informed about my more recent projects, but it doesn’t make sense to keep paying for this domain if it’s not really needed.

But I still want those precious updates!

No problem, I want to keep you in the loop about them! Since making Spinnortality I’ve founded a two-person studio called Clockwork Bird, and we made a cyberpunk interrogation game, in case you missed that one.

We’re interested in making games with a narrative focus that are a little off-beat. Maybe not the sort of game that plays to the masses, but does something a bit quirky or interesting. Spinnortality did that by being more than just a numbers-crunching conquest sim: I tried to design it to actually teach people about how late-stage capitalism operates, and I wrote a fair few popup events that are meant to challenge players’ assumptions. Silicon Dreams, that interrogation game I mentioned, asked “How can we make a game about connecting with someone despite having an entire corporation looking over the player’s shoulder? Can players sneak some information past the censors to make that possible?”

We’re looking forward to making more unusual, kinda artsy games, but we’re not ready to talk about them just yet. If you’d like to hear about it when we are, just sign up to our current mailing list here. Don’t worry, we promise no spam! You can also follow us on twitter here if that’s more your thing.


2 thoughts on “Spinnortality.com is shutting down!

  1. Thank you for the information. I have signed up on the newsletter of Clockwork Bird. Bought and played both of your games so far, best of luck for future projects.

    regards Wolfe

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