Kickstarter incoming: interrogate androids in “Silicon Dreams”

I have big news: I’m going to run another Kickstarter!

Cool, what’s the game?

It’s Silicon Dreams, a Blade Runner-like game where you interrogate androids to figure out if they’re broken or not. It’s a bit like Papers, Please meets Neo Cab.

We’ve been working on it for about 4 months, and we really think it could be something special. It’ll get made regardless, but if this Kickstarter does well we’ll be in a position to add a few features that we think would make it really shine, and (stretch goals willing) add more characters and polish than initially planned!

When’s this Kickstarter, then?

We’re launching on

April 7th, at 6pm UK time.

We’ll need all the help we can get – we’re still a small studio, so whether this succeeds or fails will be largely up to you guys! We’ll spread the word as far as we can but without word-of-mouth support from our fans we won’t get far.

Can I help, then?

Yes! You can do this stuff:

  • Share our tweets and social media posts as often as you can, especially just after we launch. The best way to get notified of those is to follow us on twitter and facebook.
  • Once the Kickstarter launches, back the game if you can afford it! (But, honestly, we know these are weird times and we understand if you can’t right now.)
  • Generally do what you can to spread the word. Do you have a friend who’s crazy for cyberpunk? Maaaaybe you could send them a link?

Thanks so much! If you’d like more info, here’s a bit more information about the Kickstarter, and here’s more info about the game itself.

Wish us luck!


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