C’est Spinnortalité

This is how we send all our internal memos.

Creativity Report

Hello devoted Spinnortality players! I’m stoked to be announcing that I just finished localising Spinnortality into French! If you have friends who would enjoy this game but don’t speak English or German, now is their chance to control the course of humanity in their native language. Share the good news with them, or better yet, why not gift them a copy? And if you happen to have the ear of a French streamer or blogger, it would be insanely helpful for you to toss this their way.

An enormous thank you to William Bertin, our translator, who has been working on this tirelessly for about half a year. (There really are too many words in this game). And a massive thanks to you, the fans and supporters of Spinnortality! Without you, I never would have gotten the game to this point. I’m so grateful and excited to get it in the hands of even more players!


In Other News

In case you missed it, my friend Daniel Adams and I co-founded a studio, Clockwork Bird, and are already hard at work on our first project, android interrogation sim Silicon Dreams. Set in a cyberpunk dystopia (all the best things are!), you’ll question human-like androids whose only crime is behaving as though they have free will. I think of it as Papers Please meets Blade Runner.

You’ll have to wait before you can join the android resistance, but fear not: in just a few months we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for this project with a prototype demo, so you can see what all the fuss is about. Don’t risk missing that announcement: sign up to the Clockwork Bird mailing list and follow us on twitter!


2 thoughts on “C’est Spinnortalité

  1. As if I control the world, a great thing. You can develop the game in Arabic because it is an important language between the world. Thank you

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