You can test upcoming “Automation” update on, if Steam isn’t your thing

Hi again everyone,

Just a quick one: Spinnortality‘s getting a free update soonish, and I’m looking for testers. If you’ve already got the game on Steam you can opt in to the testing beta; instructions are here.

But what if you don’t like Steam, or if you just bought the version? Fear not: the beta builds are uploading to as we speak! If you’d like to test the game just get in touch using this form (put “Spinnortality Automation beta” in the subject line) and I’ll get you a free key. This goes for anyone, regardless of whether you’ve bought the game or not, so if you’d like to play the game for free now’s your chance! I can’t promise the betas will be up forever though, so you’d best be quick. 🙂

Beta testers, please leave feedback/bug reports either with that same form or via the Spinnortality beta discord.

Happy testing!








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