New update: The Paths to Victory are Paved with Interns’ Skulls

Hi all!

I don’t want to spam you too much, but remember that cyberpunk management game, Spinnortality?

Well, it’s still in the works and you can read how it’s doing here! That link will take you to the latest dev blog post.

I will not, however, copy-paste the entire post into this update, because that would be mean, and many people will not want that.

But if you are still interested in this game, and want to know when it launches, it has a handy Steam page where you can wishlist it. It would be super helpful if people wishlisted, because the more people buy the game (and leave a positive review) on day one, the better a game will do on Steam over time. It’s the algorithm, see.

If you’re still on the fence, have a lovely gif:


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