Dev update: Agendas, and bodies in vats

Hey all!

Spinnortality’s coming along well and I thought you might like a quick update! This is where I’m at right now.

And apologies to anyone who Kickstarted the game – this is a duplicate of the KS update you just got.

The quick version:

Basically I added a “grow bodies to transfer your mind into” interface, changed up the agenda interface and added some new interface features to make the moment-to-moment busywork less busy. I’ve also tweaked some algorithms to make the game harder in the mid-game.

Game features:

  • completely reworked agenda system and interface. Missions have been moved into a new window until I figure out what to do with them.
  • new feature: you can no longer just click to transfer your mind to a new body. Instead you gain access to the biolab, a place to grow artificial bodies which you can then transfer your mind into. (See pic above)
  • there’s now an agenda for turning any nation into a corpornation without destroying it first. Should help with late-game drag.

User Interface:

  • there’s now a clickable nation menu (top right of screen, see above); can be ordered by culture values
  • there’s a product readout (top left, see above) which tells you how successful your product launches are at a glance
  • there are now clicky interface sounds! Thank you Anthonyyyyy. (Anthony is my music guy who also made the clicky sounds.)
  • emails now have back/next buttons
  • volume controls are back (options menu)
  • added markers to culture sliders for readability
  • you can now skip the current part of the tutorial, or disable the tutorial completely
  • game now asks if you’re SURE you want to relaunch an already-successful product. This is to help players who don’t understand that products don’t need to be constantly relaunched.

Game tweaks: 

  • espionage is now cheaper and faster, which should make it more appealing. “Incite riots” (the black op for destabilising nations) now pushes a nation towards chaos more quickly. Nations near chaos may fire a random event allowing you to push them further into chaos.
  • expensive projects don’t make so much money, now. Some random events have been put in place that make things harder if the game’s too easy. This should nerf players who do so well at the start of the game that it’s a cakewalk financially.
  • shortened the opening tutorial so players get into the game faster.

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