Kickstarter: final 72 hours!

Hey lovely followers! Just a quick reminder that the Spinnortality Kickstarter will finish in just under 72 hours! If you didn’t want to pledge until later, now’s the perfect time to do that.

The campaign’s been very successful and we’re now at 112% of our goal – in other words, I get to do this full time and focus on making the game as great as it can be! But you might want to back for other reasons:

  • Rewards: maybe you want to get access to beta builds? Or name a rival corporation? Or, if you have tons of money, help me write some random events? These things are all available!
  • Stretch goals: As of writing, we’re at €11,286. If we make it to €12,000 then I’ll add a system where players can colonise the moon, choosing to turn it into a theme park or a giant billboard or, if you’re old-fashioned, just a good ol’ Death Star.

Here’s that Kickstarter link again.

There’s no pressure, of course – the campaign’s already funded – but I thought you guys might like to know this stuff 🙂



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