Spinnortality is now live on Kickstarter!

Hello all!

The Spinnortality Kickstarter is now live, and I would really appreciate your help!

If you’re thinking, “Which game was this again? Why did I follow this?”, let me fill you in:

Spinnortality is a tongue-in-cheek (but unsettling) game about an ominous cyberpunk future controlled by megacorporations. You run one of those giant, evil companies, so it’s your job to research horrible products, then convince the whole world that they’re awesome so you can turn a profit.

It gets more complicated from there, of course: you’ll control media outlets, change the culture of entire nations, start riots, bring down governments, remake the world and become immortal through weird cybertech.

If you like cyberpunk you’ll like this, I think: most games focus on the small-fry, not the corporations themselves. If you’re worried about the power of big companies in the real world, you’ll also like this: a lot of the mechanics were inspired by real-world scandals, events or corporate powers. And you’ll like this if you enjoy being the villain.

I would really appreciate any help you can offer. If that’s a pledge, great, thank you so much! And if you can’t pledge – or if you can, but you really love this project – I could really use the social media exposure.

A short message along the lines of “This is a great game, if you like cyberpunk you should back it” plus the link would be amazing, but I know it can be awkward and intimidating posting those kinds of things on social media. So I’ve made some tongue-in-cheek marketing images that you guys can post on social media if you’d like to help spread the word but aren’t sure what to say. Just please make sure you include the link to the kickstarter!: http://thndr.me/mtXXK7

Here’s that link again: http://thndr.me/mtXXK7

Wish me luck, and thank you for following me this far!




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